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Simple email verification to improve deliverability and boost email marketing metrics

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Email verification to boost deliverability

You might not think much about your emails bounce rates, but they could actually determine how many people see your emails. Internet regulators (such as ISPs and anti-spam groups) set limits for bounces, spam complaints and unsubscribe requests. If you send campaigns to inactive users and exceed these benchmarks, you will show up lower in inboxes and could even have your account suspended by your ESP.

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Safeguard your sender reputation score

All companies that send email campaigns are assigned a sender reputation score. It's a bit like a credit score. If you send a lot of bounced or unwanted emails, this will leave a negative mark on your sender history. Also, just like credit history, once your reputation drops, it can be tricky to build it up again.

Save money

Save money with weecheck

Verifying your list means that you'll no longer send to dead email addresses. With these removed, your open and click-through rates will give you more insight into your users actual interests. Plus, having fewer people on your list will help you save money and improve ROI.

Save money - weecheck

Weecheck mission : Check, Verify and Clean your email address list

Weecheck provides an accurate statistical report on the quality of your database. Whether it’s emails: valid, invalid, unknown, free, risky, disposable…

Say goodbye to
bounces, duplicates, spamtraps, low-quality emails, ...

Domain & SMTP validation

We check the ISPs and remove all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains or invalid accounts.

Spam trap checker

Spam traps identify spammers and you don’t want to be one. We clean these traps to improve your reputation score.

Disposable emails cleaner

Get rid of trash email addresses that live short. We identify temporary emails so your future emails will reach the target.

Syntax errors validator

Syntax error checker removes emails with invalid syntax. Notify your website users in real-time by implementing API.

MTA validator

Is there an email server responsible for accepting email messages? We run advanced checks to validate MX records.

Hard bounce checker

We send undetectable verifications to find out whether the email address really exists and can receive email messages.

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